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Our Plan

The principles of our plan to end the war.

A joint statement by the governments of Israel, the USA, Egypt, Saudi Arabia (and other countries):

  • A call to Hamas and all the militants in the Gaza Strip (such as the Islamic Jihad; hereinafter: Hamas) and all the residents of the Gaza Strip, stating that they have an opportunity to surrender and end the war.

  • Terms of Hamas’ surrender: the return of all hostages; disarmament of all the militants in the Gaza Strip; and a complete renunciation of the ambition to annihilate the State of Israel.

  • A promise to the Palestinian people that the control over the Gaza Strip will be transferred to a temporary governmental framework [see below] established by the signatory countries, except Israel, as soon as all the hostages are returned, and it is proven that all militants have declared that they permanently renounce the ambition to annihilate the State of Israel and have been disarmed. The governmental framework will ensure fundamental reforms.

  • The temporary governmental framework will transfer governing power to the Palestinians  as soon as it is satisfied that the possibility of establishing a peacefully inclined, stable, and responsible government is guaranteed.

  • The Gaza Strip will remain demilitarized. 

  • Israel reserves the right to defend itself.

An outline of a temporary governmental framework:

The signatories to the declaration (except Israel) will establish an ‘international organization’ (hereinafter: the Organization).

The Organization will control the Gaza Strip and will operate the governmental institutions and public services until the possibility of establishing a peacefully inclined, stable, and responsible independent governance is guaranteed.


  1. An international organization has, under international law, a separate legal personality, and is legally competent to enter into agreements with other countries and organizations.

  2. An agreement between the Organization and Israel will regulate the coordination of security arrangements, including the full demilitarization of the Gaza Strip and the regulation of cross-border movement of people and goods. 

  3. The Organization will have a similar agreement with Egypt.

  4. The Organization will prevent Hamas and any other movement or organization opposing the right of the State of Israel to exist from operating throughout the Gaza Strip.

  5. During the transition period, the Organization will focus on three tasks: reconstruction of the Gaza Strip; civil administration and management of the Gaza Strip; and guaranteeing the security of both the residents of the Gaza Strip and Israel, while maintaining a complete demilitarization of the Gaza Strip.

  6. Israel's right to self-defense against any threat posed to it from within the Gaza Strip is reserved.

  7. The agreement that will establish the Organization will also define the powers of the governmental institutions that will manage the Gaza Strip until control is handed over to the Palestinians.

  8. The rules according to which the Organization’s administration will act will be consistent with the rules of international law regarding belligerent occupation that guarantee public order and the rights of the local population, as well as with international human rights law.

  9. The Organization will work with other international organizations operating in the Gaza Strip to ensure that they conform with the Organization’s policies. The Organization will take charge of the various educational institutions in the Gaza Strip and will ensure that the training of teachers and the curricula will not encourage incitement against Israel but rather educate for peace and the protection of human rights.

  10. The Organization will work to create conditions for the gradual transfer of control and powers to the Palestinians when they are committed to and capable of maintaining a stable governance that respects the human rights of the residents and seeks peace.

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