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What’s wrong with relying on volunteer organizations? (October 25, 2023)


Establishing a budget, waging war, forming alliances, building an international coalition, budgeting for the evacuation of settlements wisely and carefully, making macroeconomic decisions for the benefit of all — these are tasks that the government must do, and civic organizations cannot replace it. In a time of crisis, there is no substitute for a functioning government. It is essential for national resilience. Even in areas in which civic society can act, such as supplying equipment and services, relying on it over time is problematic and damaging to state institutions and social stability, and ultimately poses a danger to democracy.


We must distinguish between state institutions — which are entrusted with continuous public service — and the government, which changes periodically. The state and its institutions are bigger and more important than the government, and they must not be allowed to collapse because the government is not functioning. Institutional collapse could lead to a failed state, unable to perform its most basic functions.


Therefore,the state institutions and the organizations that are currently providing aid must formulate a joint strategy for the gradual release of responsibility over activities being carried out on the ground to government ministries and agencies,and must ensure a gradual exit of civic organizations wherever state institutions return to normal function.


National resilience and the ability to withstand crises depend not only on military strength but also on robust state institutions, social resilience, and social equality. It is essential that government ministries be the ones to serve both the military front and the home front.


The Day After the War Forum calls on the government and civic society to organize now,in order to revive Israeli society from the wounds of the war and from the destructive processes that preceded it.


We, academics in the fields of Middle East studies, law, and social sciences, call on the public to demand a discussion of the day after the war today. Join us.


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