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Settler violence? Don't allow it! (October 30, 2023)

עודכן: 19 בנוב׳ 2023

Yesterday, Ynet news reported that the head of the General Security Service and the Commander in Chief of the Israel Defense Forces warned the core war cabinet that settlers’ violence against Palestinians is inciting unrest in the West Bank. The security forces fear that such violence threatens to ignite the West Bank, diverts attention from the fighting in the south, and undermines Israel's relationship with the US. The two most urgent tasks for Israel's security are destroying Hamas's military infrastructure and forming a regional and international coalition that will demolish the Jihadist alliance. Settler violence against Palestinians threatens both of these missions.

While hundreds of thousands of soldiers are protecting the country, and many are now deep within enemy territory in the Gaza Strip, small groups of violent settlers are engaging the IDF and other security forces, which are trying to prevent the opening of an additional front. Settlers’ violence may also strengthen Jihadist elements among the Palestinian public in the West Bank.

The Israeli government endangers the country’s security when some of its members abet violent settlers, and when the government as a whole fails to denounce these violent and inflammatory actions. The violent actions by settlers in the West Bank also sabotage the efforts Israel must undertake in order to join a coalition of countries that see Hamas and other Jihadist organizations as a significant threat to be eradicated. Such a coalition is necessary to prevent other Jihadist elements from entering the Gaza Strip after the Hamas regime is overthrown, and without it, Israel will face terrorism from Iran to Yemen on its own.

A government that fails to act against settlers’ violence endangers the security of the State of Israel.

The Day After the War Forum calls on the public to demand that the government take firm action for Israel's security.

Join us in the fight for a secure State of Israel in the day after the war.

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