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Plan now for the aftermath of the war imposed on us under horrific circumstances (Oct. 18, 2023)

The Day after the War Forum calls on the Israeli government to plan now for the aftermath of the war imposed on us under horrific circumstances. As academics in the fields of the Middle East, Law and Social Sciences, we call upon the public to demand that serious planning for the day after begins today.

The control of the Hamas organization in Gaza cannot be eliminated by military means alone. A political-civilian plan for the day after the war is required, to take into account the reconstruction of civilian life and institutions in Israel and in Gaza, guarantee security for Israelis and Palestinians and make sure that Hamas, or another terrorist organization, does not retake control of the Gaza Strip.

A political plan for the day after the war will discredit Hamas's threats that Israel is aiming for a second Nakba, thus assist in leading the civilian population in Gaza to reach safe zones. Apart from the protection of human life, this is necessary in order to preserve world support for Israel, to avoid exposing those involved to war crimes indictment, and to reduce the risk of Hezbollah joining the war.

Waiting for the consolidation of the international move will also allow the completion of assessments by the IDF and maximize the chance of freeing abductees. The historic visit of the President of the United States to Israel during wartime, along with the demonstrated support of other leaders, provides an extraordinary opportunity to form an international coalition to fundamentally transform the landscape in the region, through military and political means, and to create an infrastructure for a long-term regional settlement.

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