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Defence Minister Yoav Galant laid out Israel’s war plan in a three-pronged program (Oct. 22, 2023)

Defence Minister Yoav Galant has laid out Israel’s war plan in a three-pronged program. The objectives include eliminating the Hamas terror group by destroying its military and governmental capabilities, and completely removing any responsibility Israel has over Gaza by creating a new “security regime” in the Strip. This final stage will begin after the laying down of weapons when Israel will seek a new security regime in Gaza. To ensure that this succeeds, it is imperative that the discussions regarding ‘the day after’ begin immediately.

The establishment of a functional government and a shift from that led by a terrorist organization is not possible in a unilateral manner. Israel must plan its military steps according to the above-mentioned political objectives, and not in any other way, which could cause the continuation of Hamas control.

The Day After the War Forum calls upon the Israeli Government to immediately engage in intensive discussions on the political situation in the aftermath of the war. The creation of a political horizon depends upon the formation of an international coalition that would change the regional political dynamic, by way of military, economic and political means, to establish a sustainable structure for a long-term regional settlement.

If the "day after" is not seriously considered now we will find ourselves in a war without a clear withdrawal plan and without partners. This is not a solution, and it is extremely dangerous.

We, a group of academics and experts in the fields of Middle East, Law, and Social Sciences, call upon the public to urgently demand a serious discussion regarding the day after the end of the war. Please join us.

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